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[LIST]Alright! Registering should be easy, quick, and (hopefully) painless, so follow these simple rules and we won't have to use some sort of medieval torture device on you. Just follow this form please: [b]FIRST AND LAST ALL IN CAPS.[/b] Easy, right? Nothing too fancy. But, if you do mess up, just PM one of the staff, and we'll fix it in a jiffy!


[LIST]So, this is kind of a given answer. The rating on here is rated R or mature for reasons such as vulgarity, possible violence, sexual content - basically anything that the movies rate it to be. That being said, it doesn't mean that you can curse every two words or be completely vulgar; it just means that you can have more adult content - within reason, of course - than what a PG-13 site would be. Having a mature rating means that this site will contain sexual references, cursing, some triggering content. If you have a thread that has sexual references or content, we'd appreciate it if you'd put a [M] at the beginning of the thread topic title, just so those who read through threads and don't want to read things like that can avoid them.


[LIST]We don't have a limit on how many characters you can have. However, we also don't want you to have 203957209357 characters to the point where you can't keep them all relatively active. We'd love it if you had one or two really developed, thought out characters rather than 7 or 8 which are just kinda there but haven't really thought them through and made it kind of a last minute thing. Also, this isn't required, but it's more out of courtesy, the RP world tends to have twenty million girls and, like, ten guys. It'd be nice if you could balance it out such as if you make two girls, make a guy next.

Also, every character can't be the most amazing person ever or the most perfect. People have flaws, and readers like reading the different faults of people and how they develop and react to those faults.

And now the thing that everyone usually groans about, but it's really important! We all have the ideal couples such as Ron and Hermione. Maybe try and mix it up such as Hermione and Neville or someone completely different. We understand that they might have a lot of photos together, but, hey, who knows how amazing they could be when photoshopped together. This can apply to the classic best friends too! Try and mix it up a little! You'd be surprised as to how things go well together.


[LIST]Here on Outworlder Affairs, we have a minimum word count of [b]150[/b]. We think it's low enough that you can hit it. At the same time, we understand if you're having an off day, but if you can keep it up and above for most of the time, it's greatly appreciated. We're not going to hound you on it unless it's constant. Should that occur, we'll just PM you privately and politely ask you to bump it up a little bit. Also, this is just common courtesy: don't godmod or powerplay. It's just lame and a pain in the butt when it happens, and RPers really don't appreciate it. It's just not cool, man. When it comes to activity, we don't expect you to be on every day, but we'd appreciate it if you could be on 3-4 times a week, even if it's just for a couple of minutes. It's just so we know who's active and who's not. If you're going to be gone for more than 5 days, please post in the Leave of Absense board so we know that you haven't gone AWOL on us. Also, if you have 7 characters, but you really only use 3 of them, delete the ones you don't use! That way, the face claims can be open to those who will use them regularly!


[LIST]I'm going to keep this pretty short. Basically, don't spam, flame, or cause any sort of drama. It's just a pain to deal with all of that, coming from an admin standpoint, and we want people to have fun on the site! Also, keep drama out of the cbox. If you have an issue with someone, contact one of the admins, and we can help sort it out. One more thing: just use common sense. Don't advertise in the cbox. It's not cool. And we'll delete the post if it happens. So just don't do it, k?

][u]HAVE FUN![/u]

[LIST]Now that all of that is said and done, follow these and just have fun roleplaying. We worked hard on this so you can have as good of a time as you can! So, have fun and enjoy!

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